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Cabin crew attestation

Cabin crew members must hold a valid cabin crew attestation and a cabin crew medical report.

The attestation is valid indefinitely. You are allowed to work as a cabin crew member if you have worked in the role during the past five years and have completed the annual recurrent training and examinations required to maintain the attestation, and you have a valid cabin crew medical report.

Attestations issued in accordance with EU-OPS requirements expired on 8 April 2017. Only attestations issued in accordance with EASA Part-CC are valid.

How to obtain a cabin crew attestation

1: Age requirement

To apply for a cabin crew attestation, you must be at least 18 years of age.

2: Training

The training includes a nine-part initial training course and an examination.

3: Applying for a cabin crew attestation

As a rule, attestations are issued by operators or approved training organisations. Traficom is the supervisory authority and can also issue attestations in certain instances.

Organisations providing initial training courses for cabin crew ARA.CC.100(c)
Finnair Flight Academy OyPyhtäänkorventie 11-13, 01530 Vantaa, FinlandFinnair Flight Academy Ltd's contact details (External link)Yes
Nordic Regional Airlines OyÖljykuja 2, 01530 Vantaa, FinlandNordic Regional Airlines Oy's  contact details (External link)Yes


Applying for a new attestation to replace an old one and information on medical reports

If you need a new copy of your attestation, you should primarily contact the organisation that issued the initial attestation. Contact details can be found in the table. If you cannot contact the issuing organisation, please submit a notification on the matter to Traficom.

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