Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom


For waterway managers

The party responsible for maintaining the appropriate condition of waterways and aids to navigation is the waterway manager. Traficom is responsible for taking care of transport regulation, permit, approval, register and supervision tasks.
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Water construction

Notices of construction and completion must be submitted to Traficom so that they can be published in Notices to Mariners and on nautical charts. Traficom must also be notified of the installation or removal of waterway signs and light signals.

Use of channels, buoyage and aids to navigation

Traficom issues regulations on the marking and lighting of channels and the maritime buoyage system used and the names, structure, meaning, and colour and light characters of aids to navigation.
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Report a non-functioning aid to navigation

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Section 52 of the Water Traffic Act (782/2019) obligates anyone who notices a non-functioning aid to navigation to report the situation to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom).

Instructions for the use of public channels

Traficom confirms the design draught and the safe clearance depth for each public channel. If a vessel needs to use a channel in a way that deviates from the design, the vessel must issue a notification of the use of the channel.

Waterway signs and light signals

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The waterway manager must notify Traficom of the installation and removal of a waterway sign and a light signal along with their positioning data.
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