Type-approval is an internationally or nationally recognised procedure in which an approval authority confirms that a vehicle or component type meets the technical requirements for it. The use of a type-approved product in road traffic may not be prohibited in any country which has recognised the type-approval category in question in their own national legislation. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom acts as the type-approval authority in Finland.

For manufacturers, type-approval of a vehicle or vehicle component is the surest way to ensure their product’s eligibility for use in road traffic. In addition to being recognised in the EU and EEA area, various type-approvals are also recognised in other countries and regions such as Russia, Asia, South America and Africa.

Further information on regulations and recognition of type-approvals is available here

In addition to meeting the requirements of the relevant regulation regarding technical properties, the production process of the product seeking type-approval must also meet certain special requirements. In this way, it is ensured that the type-approval applicant fulfils the preconditions for series manufacturing of products in conformity with the type-approval. Further information about the type-approval process and its different stages is available here

Application for type-approval can only be made by the manufacturer of the product being submitted for type-approval or a representative authorised to act on the manufacturer’s behalf. Type-approval does not apply to vehicles already taken into use nor to their components, with the exception of units of a pre-series for the type being submitted for type-approval. Type-approval should not be sought for individual products; it is intended for demonstrating the conformity of vehicles and components that are manufactured in series. For vehicles that will be manufactured individually, there is the option of individual approval . Changes being made to vehicles already taken into use require either a modification inspection  or a special permission .