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Front Page: Traficom

With a multi-crew pilot licence (MPL), you can act as co-pilot in an aeroplane required to be operated with a co-pilot.

With an MPL, you are only allowed to fly as co-pilot in a multi-pilot aeroplane. You may also obtain privileges corresponding to a private pilot licence (PPL) or a commercial pilot licence (CPL). These privileges allow you to fly solo as pilot-in-command. Obtaining the licence does not require previous experience, and

If you are unable to complete the full MPL training course, you can apply to Traficom for a licence with a more limited set of privileges.

How to apply for a multi-crew pilot licence


Age requirement

To apply for an MPL, you must be at least 18 years of age.



MPL training is organised based on demand.

The training is based on competency and continuous assessment. It must be completed in one continuous course of training. The training includes the following parts:


Skill test

Once you have successfully completed the training and Traficom’s theoretical knowledge examinations, you can take a skill test.

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